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“The Ocean in Winter is my absolute favorite kind of novel: wise, beautiful, moving, sad, rich. This magical tapestry woven from the lives of three sisters trying to reconnect to each other and themselves in the wake of their mother's death does what the best fiction should: it makes you feel less alone on the trying, miraculous journey of being alive. I cried for the last forty pages—from joy and gratitude."


— Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of
"Those Who Save Us" and "The Lost Family"
The Ocean in Winter by Elizabeth de Veer Book mockup

"With sharp, tender insight, Elizabeth de Veer’s gorgeous novel lays bare the inner worlds of three sisters trying to cope with devastating, incomprehensible loss. I came to love these brave, flawed, easily recognizable characters as they reached for answers, and for each other, across some divides that could be breached and some that couldn’t. Fiercely intelligent and always engaging, de Veer does what the best novelists do: she takes the full measure of her difficult subject, and transforms it through some alchemy into hard-won wisdom and grace."


— Elisabeth Elo, author of "Finding Katrina M."
and "North of Boston"

“Tenderness, steel, and rage forge the relationships of three sisters in the aftermath of their mother’s suicide. The Ocean in Winter shines a light on the layers of grief which build up and reverberate for generations after a family tragedy. Author Elizabeth de Veer lays bare—with razor-sharp precision and lush writing--how in the face of family crucibles, we can collapse or become strong at the broken places."


— Randy Susan Meyers, author of "The Widow of Wall Street"

"Do we choose our memories, or do our memories choose us? That's the central question for the three sisters in Elizabeth de Veer's emotionally rich, incandescent debut novel. Ocean in Winter is a page-turner of a book with a family mystery at its core, and profoundly explores the ways in which women struggle to rebuild their lives after grief and trauma. You won't want to put it down once you start."


— Holly Robinson, author of "Beach Plum Island"

The Ocean in Winter is a deft and beautiful book, brilliantly crafted, thrilling, funny, and heartbreaking by turns. It's about difficult sisters, shapeless yearnings, solitude, loss, the shadow of the past; about not knowing how to stop pretending, about losing control, about finding one another or... not. Its characters are vivid and real, their voices unmistakable. They stay with you."


— Benjamin Rosenbaum, author of "The Unraveling"
The Ocean in Winter Book Cover Art

“A compelling portrait of a wounded family seeking a path forward. Elizabeth de Veer writes with nuanced understanding of the complexities of hurt and healing, and she knows how to tell a damn good story. Rich in dialogue, action, and a keen sense of place, The Ocean in Winter pulls the reader into the swirling vortex of three lives shaped by a family legacy that will not let them go.” 


— Rilla Askew, author of "Kind of Kin"

“Three sisters, two resilient, one fragile, face their memories and pain in Elizabeth de Veer’s The Ocean in Winter, which combines exquisitely observed atmosphere with a page-turning plot.” 


— Kathleen Gilles Seidel, author of "Don't Forget to Smile"

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