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Hi friends! It's officially LESS THAN 7 weeks until my debut novel, The Ocean in Winter comes out to the world! Am I excited? I'm pretty excited. On a scale of one to ten, one is, oh, I found a quarter on the sidewalk, and ten is, oh! Queen Elizabeth invited me to tea! I'm officially at eleven, maybe twelve. (Although seeing hummingbirds and orioles at my bird feeder is a very high level-nine for me, so, yay, spring!)

To celebrate the count-down to launch, we are doing a book give-away! Go to and watch my little video (or don't, either way is fine), then sign up for my email newsletter where I will be reminding everyone about the upcoming launch of The Ocean in Winter. Newsletters won't come too often, I promise! And they'll keep you informed about events where you can meet me and I will happily sign your book, or, if you're not nearby, you will learn how to get a signed BOOKPLATE that you can adhere to your copy and then, voila, it will suddenly become a signed copy! I'll also be handing out bookmarks, and who knows what else, but it will all be good.

What will you get if you win the JUNE GIVEAWAY? So many things:

  • An Advance Reader Copy (also known as an ARC) of The Ocean in Winter

  • Which will be signed and personalized just for you

  • And some kind of sweet treat, created just for you

  • PLUS a few postcards, and maybe even a bookmark or two.

Just fill out a quick form and you'll be one step closer to being like my mom, reading The Ocean in Winter ahead of everybody else on your block!

Thank you so much for your support!

Mom reading an actual ARC! Photo by Anne Dailey

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